About me

Who’s behind Merci Larry?

I learned SEO by reading Bringing order to the web written by Larry Page and Sergey Brin and then by reading Google patents on crawl scheduling, duplicate content … This allowed me to quickly acquire solid technical knowledge combined with a renewed interest in the technical aspects.

First SEO Consultant then SEO Manager within a web agency, I had the opportunity to work on small, medium and high notoriety websites at the same time. The first two allowed me to refine my technical and editorial skills in order to find key success factors in dealing with competitors. Working on high notoriety websites has allowed me to evangelize SEO to wider audiences: web developers, product managers, web designers, ecommerce managers…

Also, I had the opportunity to work in collaboration with a team of Traffic Manager specialized in Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns. Together, we were able to work on numerous case studies to understand the inter-connections between our fields of expertise, and also to optimize our clients’ websites based on common quantitative analyses.

In early 2018, I opened a personal blog Merci Larry to share some ideas and tools developed alone or in collaboration with my colleagues (R, Python or Excel). More interested in log analysis and the opportunities for studying this technique through big data processing, data visualization, etc. I chose to continue learning at OnCrawl where the high degree of interaction between users and engineers allowed me to push the boundaries and imagine new ways to present the data, interpret it and translate it into precise and efficient SEO actions.

After two exciting years at OnCrawl, I joined Pictarine as a Search Acquisition Manager at the end of 2020: a new world of challenges and tests between search and mobile apps.

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