Buying an expired domain: learnings on ranking capabilities

Last month, I published an article about buying an expired domain as part of a serie dedicated to building an MVP. Today, I would like to share my learnings on the ranking capabilities: Does buying an expired domain with years of semantic history helps with the rankings? Does buying an expired domain with live backlinks…

Building a redirect generator on Google Sheets

Recently, I’ve been dealing with Next JS so the free Google Sheets template that comes with this article to help you manage your redirects at scale, is using the Next JS redirect format. In case you need another redirect formatting, let me know and I will update the generator accordingly. Currently, the generator handle redirects…

Choosing the right forecasting technique

Forecast and marketing data are sometimes difficult to match up. Forecast can be scary as we are never that comfortable to rely solely on it. I’m sharing with you some valuable techniques based on my proven experience; ran on Google Sheets. No hard skills needed. At first, when I was asked for a SEO traffic…

Buying an expired domain

First of all, let’s give some context about having bought an expired domain. At Pictarine, we aim to test a lot of things and to build MVPs to confirm or disconfirm our hypothesis. To test a new photo product and possibly new markets (in addition to the US), we spent a few hundreds of dollars…

Insights from Ahrefs’ organic keywords

Here’s a brand new Google Data Studio template to help you get the most valuable insights from Ahrefs’ organic keywords. This template is also designed to backup your decisions with data when it comes to prioritizing your content roadmap. Below are the steps to extract the data and then build the report on Data Studio.…

Search Console: Data Studio template to run a risk-free analysis

We often get wrong when analysing lots of information from the same angle. The first data that Search Console gives falls in this case. How many charts are shared on Twitter or elsewhere where the curves are rising? A fortiori, we never know what is behind these curves.

Regex in Search Console

As Google Search Console now allow to use regex to filter both queries and pages, the time has come to get an in-depth introduction to RE2 (the library used in Search Console).

Learning SEO: 15 advices

The following advices are based on my own experience: failures as well as success that made me rethink the way I approach my everyday job. Plus, these advices are not listed in a specific order.

How to fix things after a drop of organic traffic

Curated ideas from my proven experience to fix organic search after a failed migration on an ecommerce website.

Predict your break-even point with Google Data Studio

How to predict the day when you will be break-even: the moment where your revenue covers your total costs. The moment where you have no loss neither no profit.