Search Console: Data Studio template to run a risk-free analysis

We often get wrong when analysing lots of information from the same angle. The first data that Search Console gives falls in this case. How many charts are shared on Twitter or elsewhere where the curves are rising? A fortiori, we never know what is behind these curves.

Regex in Search Console

As Google Search Console now allow to use regex to filter both queries and pages, the time has come to get an in-depth introduction to RE2 (the library used in Search Console).

Learning SEO: 15 advices

The following advices are based on my own experience: failures as well as success that made me rethink the way I approach my everyday job. Plus, these advices are not listed in a specific order.

How to fix things after a drop of organic traffic

Curated ideas from my proven experience to fix organic search after a failed migration on an ecommerce website.

Predict your break-even point with Google Data Studio

How to predict the day when you will be break-even: the moment where your revenue covers your total costs. The moment where you have no loss neither no profit.

Learnings from log analysis

Almost two years ago, I joined OnCrawl and the opportunity to access millions of log data: the feeling of entering a tiny Google with access to lots of crawl data, logs and third party connectors.

Create a traffic heatmap from Google Analytics with R Studio

Without any objectivity, I state that SEO is certainly one of the most exciting jobs because the ways to approach it are so different. However, there is one common denominator to all the experiences that consultants and other cool job names ending with ” SEO ” could tell us: relationships with other professionals.

Keywork tracking with Google Sheets

Today, there are a lot of tools to help you track your rankings. Without going into detail between those who offer a Desktop / Mobile split, tracking positions 0, etc. I propose you to track your rankings the old-fashioned way. Not out of phlegm but simply because some cases still require us to go back…

Scrape product features on Google Shopping to structure SEO content

Google as a tool is an excellent way to organize specific SEO tasks. Google Shopping is even more so because it gives us access to unparalleled granularity of information when it comes to consumer products.

Automated content generation: get a first editorial structure

Many methods exist to generate content, including natural language generation from numerical data. Despite all the attractiveness of computational linguistics, our work will lead us to generate content through summarization algorithms.