Create your own crawler to use the Google Cloud NLP API

Offered by Google Cloud’s Natural Language APIs, entity and sentiment analyses classify terms and extract a general feeling. Dated 2015, a Google patent entitled “Rankings of search results based on entity metrics” demonstrates the value of using it in our SEO actions.

Optimize ALT attributes with Tensorflow

Developed by engineers assigned to the Google Brain team within Google’s Artificial Intelligence division, TensorFlow is an open source framework (since 2015) dedicated to machine learning. It is one of the most widely used tools in the field of machine learning.

Log analysis: efficiently manage your SEO actions

Without the use of log analysis, one sometimes strives to optimize a page without it being explored or too little to produce a tangible result. Log analysis provides information accessible nowhere else, and guides SEO actions on factual elements.

Build a successfull online business

How to break into your market by starting from scratch or reinventing your business model for the web when you’re not Amazon? How to design an ecommerce website that really performs?

Sentiment analysis with R Studio: quality signal for backlinks?

Several patents have been filed by Google to quantify the opinions and reviews of Internet users from corpus that do not use traditional rating systems. The sentiment analysis then takes on its full meaning: how do we quantify so-called “raw” opinions?

Machine learning for SEO : how to predict rankings with machine learning

In order to be able to predict position changes after possible on-page optimisation measures, we trained a machine learning model with keyword data and on-page optimisation factors. With the help of this model, we can now automatically analyse thousands of potential keywords and select the ones that we have good chances on reaching interesting rankings…